Git Basic Concept

Popular Version Control Systems []

1 Bazaar
2 CA Harvest Software Change Manager
4 darcs
5 Git
6 IBM Rational ClearCase
7 Mercurial
8 Monotone
9 Perforce Helix Core
11 Revision Control System
12 SVN
13 TFS
14 Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

Getting the Gist of Git

git and GitHub are different. You don’t need Git when you are using GitHub (although of course internally it uses Git any way), and nor do you need GitHub while using just Git. GitHub tool (GitHub Desktop/Client and GitHub Server) is based on GNU public license open source git technology of Version Control System. Other tools like GitHub are Bit Bucket (Atlassian), Code Commit (AWS), Git Lab (Git Lab Inc).

git can connect to any third party git based Server.

You do not need anything other than git tools (git client & git Server) in order to control versions of your code / documents. You don’t even need GitHub! But then with just Git, you will have to use CLI (Command Line Interface). Other tools are mix and match. Eclipse needs git plug-in whereas IntelliJ IDEA has built in git.

So either install Code Commit of AWS or GitHub Desktop and do version control. You can also run CLI commands (that git offers) from the command prompt offered by GitHub tool.

Now a days, no one uses direct git. They all stick to their own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse that offers them git functionality in form of plug-ins.

Installing git on your machine.

Go to downloads of your Operating System & do pretty much NEXT -> NEXT to install Git.