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TimelineFebruary 2021
CompanyARS Computer Sale & Service
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra INDIA
Solution providedBilling System
Technology StackMicrosoft Office, Advance Excel

ARS Computer Sale & Service is a Mumbai based new start up company providing CCTV, Networking & Hardware (PC, Laptop) solutions to the individual, institutional as well as corporate customers.

Dashboard of ARS
TimelineDecember 2020
LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Solution providedStartup business model & Brand Creation
Technology StackWindows, Microsoft Office, UML, Visio

Women’s Indian Chamber for Commerce & Industry (WICCI) is well known for creating new opportunities to empower the women of India by means of numerous entrepreneurial projects. We have provided following services to WICCI team’s start-up project.

  • Business Requirements gathering and analysis.
  • Basic Business Process Layout.
  • Strategic Business Plan.
  • Brand Design (Logo Design) named after “GHAR PRODUCTS” (https://gharproducts.wordpress.com/).
Logo Design
TimelineDecember 2020
CompanyMadhu Industries
LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Solution providedBilling System
Technology StackMicrosoft Office, Advance Excel

Madhu Industries is Ahmedabad (Gujarat State) based Manufacturing turned Trading Company (since 1995) supplying silver pouches and other packaging products from & to all over India. After thorough Business Analysis and delivering artefacts namely: Company Philosophy, Business Case, Business Requirement Document, System Analysis and Design Document, we have developed a small Excel based application to generate GST Invoices for her customers. Part automation is done using advanced excel formulae. This app also allows them to maintain as well as track changing stocks (year wise Inventory).

TimelineOctober – 2020
CompanyAlbela Sanskrit Pathshala (Free Sanskrit Institute)
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Solution providedDesk Top Publishing (DTP)
Technology StackPaintbrush, Adobe, Microsoft Office,

Albela Sanskrit E-Magazine, https://albelaspeaks.com/e-mag/

Our deliverables:

  • Design & layout of Sanskrit eMagazine
  • Sanskrit Translation & digitisation.
  • Art work

TimelineJul – Nov 2020
CompanyGolden Age Technologies Pty. Ltd.
LocationSydney, NSW, Australia
Solution providedStudents assignment, Kundli Software for Astraologers, Java – Python Integration, Marshal/UnMarshalling in Python
Technology StackPython, Java 6

GOLDEN AGE TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD. is an innovation & research oriented company formed in year 2014 in Sydney, NSW, Australia, by the director Mr. Devesh Bhatia. Their core expertise are in Power Builder & Six Eyed Concept. We utilised their Python expertise for catering solutions to our small domestic clients (Astrologer, training institutes, free-lancers) in India. The technical summary of the work as below:

  • Defining & communicating client’s requirements to Golden Age Technologies, Australia.
  • Outsourcing & following up with progress report.
  • Deploying & testing on local platforms.
  • Delivery & technical support to the local clients.

The onsite / offshore model was a great success in COVID-19 Pandemic time.

TimelineJul – 2020
CompanyShreeji Home Products
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra INDIA
Solution providedInventory Cum Billing System
Technology StackMicrosoft Office, Advance Excel

Shreeji is Mumbai based Juice and Concentrated Syrup manufacturing company that has mfg plant in Vashi (New Mumbai) and warehouse as well outlet in Matunga area.

Dashboard of Shreeji

This excel based Macro written Billing System allows user to maintain master data of – Staff, Supplier, Customer, Products. System also allows to Generate, save, print Invoice (Bill).  As the invoices are finalized, stocks & cash are updated automatically accordingly.

TimelineMay 2020
CompanyDr. H.M. Pandit (PhD)
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Solution providedGenetic Analyser
Technology StackMicrosoft Office, Advance Excel
Dash board of Genetic Analyzer

This Excel based system with complex formulae allows Biologist / Genetic Engineer to analyse Karyotypes of chromosomes of any living entity such as Cytologia, Pulchella, Barbadenensis Haploid, Gigantea Somatic, etc…. in 3 simple steps.
1. Choose your sample
2. Input longest & shortest lenghts
3. Input short arm & long arm data.

To get Ratios of:
  i – Short Arm
  ii – Long Arm
  iii – Short Arm % of Total length
  iv – Long Arm % of Total length
  v – Mean Length of each Chromosome in %
  vi – Relative Length of each Chromosome expressed in %
  vii – Ratio Longest / Shortest
  viii – Chromosome Range (Long, short & medium)

CompanyJENRISE http://www.jenrise.com
LocationSydney, NSW, Australia
Solution providedUse Case Analysis & Design
Technology StackUML, Liber Draw, Visio, Microsoft Office
AEM (Adobe Experience , Management), Marketo, Salesforce, Analytics, Target, Apache Tomcat

http://www.jenrise.com/ is a Sydney based Australian company (formed in 2016) . We have provided necessary Use Case Analysis and assisted in documentation of Solution Architect Design that includes following technology stack w.r.t. Experience based CMS (Content Management Tool). Our deliverable included:

  • Training slides / documents / templates / tutorial material and knowledge sessions on complete process of Use Case Analysis & Design using UML with RUP Methodolgy right from Inception phase covering all 4+1 views.
  • Preparing a Business Case (Defining current scenario and problem statement).
  • Identifying Use Cases and (Internal / External) Actors for the system being developed.
  • Use Case Specific Activity Diagram depicting the story writing.
  • Techniques and complete format of writing Use Case Specification.
  • High level Sequence Diagrams with appropriate UML Notations depicting interaction of essential sub-system components (as mentioned in technology stack above).



Timeline 2018
Company Jani Plastics www.janiplastics.com
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Solution provided Mini ERP
Technology Stack Java, Microsoft Office, Advance Excel, iText, XML


This Business Interface provides access to the system that allows user to –

  1. Generate unique code for Work Order & new products.
  2. Capture Work Order detail & current status.
  3. Generate Order Confirmation Note.
  4. Generate Tax Invoice (Bill).
  5. Generate Dispatch Notes.
  6. Generate Payment Reminder Notes
  7. Maintain daily production (& waste) data.
  8. Maintain daily stock.
  9. Maintain BMR (Batch Manufacturing Records).
  10. Create Technical Data Sheet (on customer’s demand).
  11. Costing .
  12. Maintain Employee Data (wages & muster).
  13. Generate Vendor Purchase Orders.
  14. Print recipient’s address on Envelopes. & much more…


Timeline 2017
Company Shatayu Ayurvedic Clinic
Location Patan, Gujarat, INDIA
Solution provided Ayurvedic Diagnosis Software
Technology Stack Java Swing API


This Java based Swing application allows Ayurvedic Doctor to Diagnose the patient by learning the scores calculated by the system depending on the features input. Prakriti Scores help doctor treat patients more accurately.


Timeline 2016
Company Teacher from Indian Plastics Institute https://ipiindia.org/
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA
Solution provided 2D & Isometric AutoCAD Machine drawings
Technology Stack AUTOCAD


We deliver 2D Graphics solution in AutoCAD of any technical drawing such as Die cross section, Mechanical component, Isometric View of any component.

[2012] Websites Created & maintaining

  1. www.janiplastics.com [Launched in 2012]
  2. www.albelaspeaks.com [Launched in 2014]
  3. www.das76bs.org [Launched in 2016]
  4. www.asianchemtex.com [Launched in 2017]
  5. www.janisoftwares.in [Launched in 2018]
  6. www.sanjivaneeclinic.com [Launched in 2018]
  7. www.corporateshatak.com [Launched in 2018]
  8. www.auracreators.co [Launched in 2021]
  9. https://jinalenterprises.wordpress.com/ [Launched in 2021]
  10. https://bandhanvideo.wordpress.com/ [Launched in 2021]
  11. https://arscss.wordpress.com/ [Launched in 2021]